-Jirani Coffeehouse, Ken and Detra Moorman

Opportunities for Virginia writers [Scroll Down]:
-Spilled Ink, John Dutton
-Write by the Rails, Jan Rayl 
-Piedmont Writers, Robert Scott
-Poet Laureate Committee of PWC Arts Council, Alice Mergler
-Northern Virginia Writng Project, Cathy HaileyKathy Smaltz 
-Poetry Society of Virginia, Cathy Hailey
-Virginia Writers' Club, June Forte
-Northern Virginia Review, June Forte
-PWC Arts Council,  Nancy Schmidt Kyme
-Virginia Screenwriters, Tom Basham
-Fredricksburg Literary and Art Review, Amy Bayne
-Local Gems Press, Nick Hale
-Poets Anonymous, Lesley Tyson {fb}
-NaNoWriMo [National Novel Writing Month] {fb}
-NYC Midnight [Screenwriters] {fb}
-The Poetry Marathon {fb}

Contact person is listed. Contacts can be contacted using Facebook {fb}.